Engineered Process Equipment & Integrated Plant Specialties

Gas Treatment and Conditioning : Gas Dehydration, TEG & MEG & Amine Regeneration, H2S / CO2 / N2 removal (PSA), Fuel Gas Conditioning, Molsieves

Oil Treatment and Conditioning: Crude Desalting, Flash Treating

Produced Water Treatment:  Hydro-cyclones, Induced Gas Flotation, Media Filters, Electrostatic Treaters, Degasser

Enhanced Oil Recovery (Water injection) Coarse Filtration, Fine Filtration (Multi-media or Disk), Vacuum Deoxygenation (Distillation, Hollow Fiber Membrane), Membrane Filtration)

Specialties: Indirect Heaters, Bath Heaters, Ozone Generators, Geothermal Steam Process, as specified Process Packages.

Onshore and Offshore Process Application

Engineered Process Equipment
Project Delivery Services

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